« I saw multitudes to every side of me ; their howls were loud while, wheeling weights, they used their chests to push. They struck against each other ; at that point, each turned around and, wheeling back those weights, cried out:
   - Why do you hoard ? Why do you squander ? »

Inferno, Canto VII - « Fourth Circle »

…the name of Fourth Circle was chosen.

Some dissensions in their previous bands (different desires and goals) led the band’s members to redefine themselves and to not let their creations untapped or offered without being completed.
At the beginning in 2011, four members: Audrey Adornato (vocals), Olivier Keller (keyboards, arrangements), Eric Reitz (rythm guitar) and Henri Friedrich (bass). Their paths and inspirations are different, but they are driven by a same ambition: pooling their respective influences, creativity, and offering the result to the greatest number, breaking barriers and stereotypes inherent in the Symphonic Metal.

In July 2011, the band is joined by Julien Blanchet (Drums), and, in September 2011, by Maxime Boriolo (Lead Guitar). Both bring their energy and inspiration in creating songs that make up the band's first album (Lifetimes, published in May 2013, under Brennus Music label since September 2015).

In May 2014, Eric Reitz left the band for personal reasons, followed by Henri Friedrich in June 2016, replaced by Cédric Noël, and shaping the current line up of Fourth Circle.


Former Members